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How Do You Become a Freelance Writer?

You may have already been told that you have a knack for expressing yourself, and you probably already have a certain amount of writing experience. Maybe you even blog or have already had some of your writing published otherwise.

In other words, let’s assume you are familiar with the basics of writing.

So, you want to become a Freelance Writer…

The problem (or let’s rather call it “challenge”) with freelance writing is that the actual writing  – the craft, the talent and the writing process as such – is only one part of the business.

Yes, you’ve read that right: business!

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Somewhere between artistry and business management

If it’s your goal to become a freelance writer, think of the texts you create as products. It’s now part of your job to not only create, but to market and sell these products. Sometimes you already have an existing product (text) that needs selling, i.e., a place to publish it and get paid for it or just somebody to pay for your wordsmithery and then… do whatever with it. But more often than that you will probably have a particular assignment to write something, or come across a “call for submissions.”

Imagine being a tailor/dressmaker or fashion designer: Depending on who your clients are, you might sell them pre-produced clothing and finished designs (as in “Pret-a-Porter”), or customers might come to you an order a custom-made piece especially for them.

But how do you find these customers – and how do they find you?

This is one of the key challenges when it comes to making a career out of your love for writing. And guess what? I can help you with that! I offer 1:1 coaching for aspiring freelance writers and other freelancers. Simply send me a message, and we can do a free 30-min. discovery call!

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