Writing and the Writer


Come rest against my shoulder,
The sun is setting soon.
So I can count the stars for you
And we can watch the moon.

I know that you are weary.
Not easy is the road.
So rest against my shoulder,
Lay down your heavy load.

No, I can’t take your burden
And carry it away.
But I can lend a hand, dear,
To hold you when you sway.

The times are ever changing,
The tides they come and go.
You’re longing for security
And this, my dear, I know.

You have so many questions,
You search for what is true.
And if I had the answers,
I’d give them all to you.

Yet, all I have to offer
is me, myself and I.
So let this be your haven,
If only for tonight.

Soon there will come the morning.
Your hope it will be new.
Come rest against my shoulder,
And I might sleep then, too.


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