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Staying at Home and Making Money (Part 3)

The need for making money while staying at home is one thing that probably unites most of us right now, and my goal is to help you do exactly that: Make money while staying at home.(That being said, huge KUDOS and RESPECT to those people who are currently out there in order to perform the… Continue reading Staying at Home and Making Money (Part 3)

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Making Money from Home (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of "How to make money from home". I hope these posts might give a bit of information, inspiration and perhaps even instruction for those who need to start making money from home. If you haven't done so yet, please have a look at Part 1 so you'll have the context. The… Continue reading Making Money from Home (Part 2)

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How to Make Money from Home (Part 1)

"How to make money from home..." -  No, this is NOT about any "getting-rich-quickly" scheme. This is simply about making money (at least some) without having to leave your house. Maybe you need to stay at home because you need to take care of your loved ones. Maybe your physical or psychological condition makes it… Continue reading How to Make Money from Home (Part 1)

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7 Newsletters for Freelance Writers

One of the main questions my freelance writing coaching clients ask me is: "Where can I find writing jobs?" There are several answers to this, of course. But one of the simplest? "Subscribe to newsletters!" They can be a great source of job listings and information on writing contests, and often they also provide tutorials,… Continue reading 7 Newsletters for Freelance Writers

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Yep. This is one of those days…

Nope. I am not doing too well today. And I shouldn"t be writing this. Or should I? I have an ear infection. I am upset about something that happened yesterday. I have had a nightmare and am still trying to shake it.  I am feeling old and bloated and sluggish from overeating the wrong stuff.… Continue reading Yep. This is one of those days…

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Hey, let’s CONNECT… right?

"Connecting" on Social Media - a huuuuge deal these days. I mean, this seems to be what social media is all about. Or is it? Don't worry, this is NOT one of those posts about the use of social media vs actually meeting people in. real. life! No, I really want to talk about connecting… Continue reading Hey, let’s CONNECT… right?

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Inspiration and Information: Your Link Collections!

Are you in need of some fresh writing inspiration? It might already be waiting for you - right there in your browser's bookmarks! The writing inspiration in your bookmarks I usually surf the www, and I find interesting sites (blog posts, articles, tutorials). I bookmark them... and bookmark another one... and bookmark something else to… Continue reading Inspiration and Information: Your Link Collections!