Publications – References – Testimonials


Die USA – Wesentliches von Urlaub bis Auswanderung  (, 2017)

Deposit Guarantee in the USA  (, 2016)

Einlagensicherung in den USA  (, 2016)

Edelight — diverse Artikel zu Kultur-, Lifestyle- und Modethemen, 2011, z.B.
“Willkommen in der Hello Kitty Hölle” … und verschiedene andere

Ver(w)irrt” — Leselaube der Irrgartenwelt (Lars O. Heintel), 2008

Ver(w)irrt” — Gedichte-Datenbank von

Kriegsrecht” — Gedichte-Datenbank von

Editorial content/redaktionelle Beiträge zur ZDF-Onlineredaktion und Faxabruf “Volle Kanne, Susanne” (2000-2001)



“Kate Whitney – A Victorian Lady” (essay) – “Femme Friday“, a publication by The Baker Street Babes and Friends, US version or European version (2017)

In good Hands” (short story/Kurzgeschichte) – “Practical Handbook of Bee Culture“, a publication of the Retired Beekeepers of Sussex,  softcover edition or PDF-version (2017)

Memento” (Kurzgeschichte/short story) — Sherlock-Holmes-Magazin 08/2011, ISSN: 2190-2321 (2011)

Gedichtbeitrag/Poetry, englischsprachig/English language — Wolverine (Independent-Magazin) (2011)

Verschiedene Beiträge für Zeitungen/Magazine:
Der Ratinger
– You & ME
– ME-Magazin
– Mettmanner Schaufenster (zwischen 1998 und 2006)


Lyrik/Poetry Anthologien/Anthologies:

– “Welt ohne Wunder?” (1994, nicht mehr im Druck)

– “Beton und Poesie” (1989, nicht mehr im Druck)



Recurring/staff writer for the Tampa SEO Training Academy (SEO blogging, since 2017)

Germany/Deutschland: Aus Diskretionsgründen kann ich hier verständlicherweise keine veröffentlichten Titel nennen. Meine Ghostwriting-Tätigkeit umfasst Arbeiten aus (u.a.) den Bereichen: Autobiografie, Roman, Kurzgeschichte, Marketing, Gedicht, Internet-Content, Rollenspiel, Reden, Sachtexte


Liedtexte/Song Texts:

Together – Text der Hymne der/lyrics of the “Volleyball World Championship for the Disabled”, 2004




A few client testimonials:

Susa was very helpful and generous with her knowledge! I really appreciated everything she had to say and highly recommend her!

  • Kai Boyd, Munich/Germany

Best work and recommendation one could ask for. Highly recommend working together with Susan

Once again Susan is fantastic! I will continue to hire her and cannot say enough great things about her. Thank you Susan!!!

Wow! Great work 🙂 Many thanks!

I’m more than happy with the results! Susan works very accurate and with a lot of thoughts behind it. Highly recommended!! (…) Great communication and excellent work!

“So helpful! Especially when I don’t have time to get to the small but very important things. (…) I cannot recommend Susan highly enough, especially to busy entrepreneurs who need to stay on top of things. You will not be disappointed working with her.(…) So wonderfully reliable, proactive and clear concise writer. (…) Knowing that Susan is on my team has helped me sleep better at night.”

“Excellent VA service. (…) Always a pleasure. (…) Highly recommended.”

“Outstanding Experience!”


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