Rooms for Your Life: A Place for Inner Balance:

Rooms for your Life” is my program to organize information, good memories and other helpful mental images that you can turn to for motivation, inspiration, relaxation, and emotional support. Think of it as your Mental Spa.

It is loosely based on the idea of a Mind Palace (or Memory Palace), filled with resources for your mental well-being.

IMG_2571In our coaching sessions, we will set up your mental spa so it fits your individual needs. Together, we will develop your personal Place for Inner Balance, and I will coach you to use it effectively and expand it as needed.

While the classical Mind Palace/Memory Palace is a mnemonic technique and exists in your imagination, the Place for Inner Balance goes beyond that.

You can also set up a virtual version on your computer, as a curated collection of links to audio and video files, websites and other virtual locations to help you with:

  • mindset management
  • stress management
  • strategizing and goal-setting
  • self-development
  • collecting and structuring of information

You will find that it’s a great tool to organize information – and your thoughts – for more productivity and a calmer mind!

Are you interested and/or have any questions? Simply send me a message!