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Inspiration and Information: Your Link Collections!

Are you in need of some fresh writing inspiration? It might already be waiting for you - right there in your browser's bookmarks! The writing inspiration in your bookmarks I usually surf the www, and I find interesting sites (blog posts, articles, tutorials). I bookmark them... and bookmark another one... and bookmark something else to… Continue reading Inspiration and Information: Your Link Collections!

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Der 5-Minuten-Schreib-Tipp

Hast du mal eben fünf Minuten Zeit? Wunderbar! Dann habe ich nämlich einen Schreib-Tipp für dich! Fünf Minuten - mehr Zeit brauchst du für diese Schreib-Übung nicht Fünf Minuten, um das Schreiben anzuregen bzw. zu trainieren Eine Schreib-Übung, um neue Ideen zu entwickeln Um schnell ein paar Gedanken aufzuschreiben, aus denen sich vielleicht irgendwann eine… Continue reading Der 5-Minuten-Schreib-Tipp

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The 5 Minutes Writing Exercise

Can you spare five minutes? Great! Five minutes a day, that is what this exercise requires. Five minutes to help you with your writing. To help developing new ideas. To jot down a fleeting thought that someday might grow to become a plot. To help overcoming the menacing ... (*whispers*) Writer's Block. Productivity for Writers… Continue reading The 5 Minutes Writing Exercise

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Writing Kick

When it comes to writing and I need to push myself a little… I try to get back to the things that, long ago, made me want to become a writer. In many cases, that has been READING. So I go back to one of my fave books, or certain movie scenes etc. It might… Continue reading Writing Kick