TED-Ed: 11 Online Lessons To Check Out…

...if you want to dip your toes into the subjects of online learning and continuing education. After all, one of the qualities of a good writer is to keep reading and learning... and apart form that, "getting informed and inspired" sounds much better than "procrastinating"... so here's one possible place to go... ­čśë Online Learning… Continue reading TED-Ed: 11 Online Lessons To Check Out…

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E-Mail Etiquette – not only for Writers

I am actually old enough to remember the times when people used to express their concerns about e-mails supplanting the writing of letters, and the lost art of letter writing. Then, it seems, everybody started to chat and whats-up-and-what-not, so the idea of a carefully crafted e-mail might almost sound like a piece of nostalgia.… Continue reading E-Mail Etiquette – not only for Writers

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“Ummh… may I introduce…?” (E-Mail Etiquette)

Have you ever been in the situation to introduce two people to each other via e-mail? Yes? Well, the people over at Quartz suggest that we are... ..."probably doing e-mail introductions wrong" Or - as The Atlantic puts it on Facebook: You might not even be aware of it, "...but you're being a jerk." Are… Continue reading “Ummh… may I introduce…?” (E-Mail Etiquette)

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4 TED-Ed Lessons about Punctuation

I have posted about this subject before, but I guess it is always worth to revisit the "how to...". Because, as the TED-Ed folks state so correctly in their post: "Punctuation is hard. Even the most seasoned writers can get tripped up on the rules." So, here it is: How to use a comma, a… Continue reading 4 TED-Ed Lessons about Punctuation