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Another Sherlock-Holmes Anthology …

... has published one of my short stories, so I am very happy to announce that "In good Hands" can now be read as part of the current "Practical Handbook of Bee Culture". The Handbook (which is not REALLY about bees!) is a publication of the "Retired Beekeepers of Sussex", a Sherlock-Holmes group based in… Continue reading Another Sherlock-Holmes Anthology …

Writing and the Writer

Coming Home (a Sherlock Holmes Short Story)

[Creative Writing - a Sherlock Holmes short story] I have been neglecting my own writing - at least when it comes to the area of creative writing - for quite a while, being too busy with the commissioned writing for my clients. So, in order to get back into that particular saddle again, I have… Continue reading Coming Home (a Sherlock Holmes Short Story)

Writing and the Writer

When Mr. Brett tried to consult Mr. Holmes… (just a fantasy, y’all)

I have just been digging through my archive and came across this... a few lines from the age of my hardcore fangirling days, namely swooning about the one and only Jeremy Brett - and Sherlock Holmes, the character he used to play so marvelously. This is actually an unfinished draft for a piece of parody… Continue reading When Mr. Brett tried to consult Mr. Holmes… (just a fantasy, y’all)

Writing and the Writer

Interpretation (a slashy Holmes/Watson drabble)

„You don’t understand, Holmes!“ After weeks of half-smiles, endless looks, numerous innuendos, casual touches, a series of sleepless nights, rather strange dreams and uneasy mornings… my nerves were quite on the edge. I knew I had to do something about this: He obviously had NO idea what he was doing to me! “Can’t you see… Continue reading Interpretation (a slashy Holmes/Watson drabble)

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Sie ist weg!

Weg ist sie! Einfach so! Schon wieder! Hat sich aus dem Staub gemacht, ohne es vorher auch nur anzukündigen. Weiß nicht warum. Weiß nicht wohin. Weiß nicht, ob und wann sie wiederkommt. Nicht zu fassen! Was soll das? Gestern hat sie mich noch geküsst. Und dann ging alles so einfach! Und heute? Heute bekomme ich… Continue reading Sie ist weg!