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#SignalForHelp and other Distress Signals

Are you experiencing domestic violence? Are you finding yourself in a dangerous situation? Is someone threatening you and you are trying to send a silent signal for help? Asking for help is not always easy. It's even more difficult if you need to do it in a secret way, so that you can alert a… Continue reading #SignalForHelp and other Distress Signals

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Open Letter to Mr. Bezos

#OpenLetter Dear Mister #JeffBezos, Please, consider this my #jobapplication. I was so pleased to read about your plans/efforts to #donate a fortune to charitable causes. I also hear (i.e., read) that you find the process challenging sometimes, so I would like to provide you with an easy solution: #hireme to do it! And, yes, I… Continue reading Open Letter to Mr. Bezos