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Inspiration and Information: Your Link Collections!

Are you in need of some fresh writing inspiration? It might already be waiting for you - right there in your browser's bookmarks! The writing inspiration in your bookmarks I usually surf the www, and I find interesting sites (blog posts, articles, tutorials). I bookmark them... and bookmark another one... and bookmark something else to… Continue reading Inspiration and Information: Your Link Collections!

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The 5 Minutes Writing Exercise

Can you spare five minutes? Great! Five minutes a day, that is what this exercise requires. Five minutes to help you with your writing. To help developing new ideas. To jot down a fleeting thought that someday might grow to become a plot. To help overcoming the menacing ... (*whispers*) Writer's Block. Productivity for Writers… Continue reading The 5 Minutes Writing Exercise

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The One-Sentence-a-Day-Strategy

I have a confession to make: I can sometimes be verrrrrrrrrrrry slow about my writing. Often... I mean, I find myself in total awe when reading about the supposedly typical working day of other writers, who can write for hours and hours and somehow manage to produce content that is thousands of words worth -… Continue reading The One-Sentence-a-Day-Strategy

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Sie ist weg!

Weg ist sie! Einfach so! Schon wieder! Hat sich aus dem Staub gemacht, ohne es vorher auch nur anzukündigen. Weiß nicht warum. Weiß nicht wohin. Weiß nicht, ob und wann sie wiederkommt. Nicht zu fassen! Was soll das? Gestern hat sie mich noch geküsst. Und dann ging alles so einfach! Und heute? Heute bekomme ich… Continue reading Sie ist weg!