(Okay, let’t get this out of the way!)

I have a confession to make: My idea of the GDPR and its legal and technical implications is … uhm … limited, to say the least.

I assume I am not supposed to say that. I should “fake it, till I make it”, get myself a lawyer (or maybe simply look for a GDPR declaration of compliance template-thingy??), and scramble to make sure that my blog is compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation.

Also, I should have prepared for this ages ago. But a bit like it happens with many people and Christmas – every year – I had NO time, because it was taken completely by surprise! (*irony mode off*)


Anyway, this is a WordPress blog – which means it uses cookies to track certain actions and information. I don’t know that much about cookies (beyond the fact that some are very tasty). Thankfully, WordPress also provides a widget regarding the cookie policy. I am referring to this slightly annoying field that tends to pop up when you open a website and where one is required to “click to consent”, “close and accept” etc. :

Privacy & Cookies: This site uses cookies.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy

If you follow the given link there, you can read more about what (these particular) cookies are and what they are used for.

In my own simple words, I can tell you about some really cool functions and information that I can access via my (password-protected) WordPress dashboard/analytics. For example, I can see

  • from which country (US, Germany, India etc.) you are accessing my content. That works via your IP address.
  • which blog posts are read how often and how many visitors come across my blog within a specified amount of time (“Traffic”). And no, I cannot identify WHO exactly it was that visited my blog at a specific time.
  • via which external links or search terms users find my content

A few remarks on Blog Followers, E-Mail Addresses and E-Mail Marketing

You might have seen that you have the option to follow/subscribe this blog – either in such a way that it appears in your WordPress reading feed or that you receive a message in your inbox to inform you that new content has been posted. In order to facilitate that, the system has to collect your e-mail address (dare I say: “Duhh!”?). It does this automatically, and the notification messages are being produced automatically as well.

When you “like” a post as a fellow WordPress user, I can of course identify you via your user name. And when you comment and submit your name and e-mail address, this information is collected and stored within the system as well, together with your IP address.

What I don’t do with that stored information:

  • store it externally
  • sell or otherwise actively share it with third parties
  • use it to send you unsolicited e-mails


Disclosure of Current Affiliates:

Occasionally, you will find affiliate links in my blog posts, that link to certain products or services. When you make a purchase/sign up via one of those links, I earn a small commission at NO extra cost to you.

  • amazon.de (“Amazon Associate”)
  • amazon.com (“Amazon Associate”)
  • Grammarly.com

It is my policy to only link to such products and services that I actually consider to be of interest/use to you in the context of the blog post.

In some cases, this means I have actually read/tested/used them myself and like them. In other cases I might have simply read about these products/service and considered them to be interesting. (I then link to them in good faith, but I cannot accept any further responsibility or liability.)





  1. Aufgrund der aktuellen Rechtsprechung wird an dieser Stelle betont, dass ich keinerlei Verantwortung für die Inhalte verlinkter externer Webseiten übernehmen kann. Due to current jurisdiction I declare myself NOT liable for the contents of external linked websites.
  2. Die Texte dieser Webseite (sofern nicht anders angegeben) sind das ausschließliche geistige Eigentum der Verfasserin Susanne Wagner. As far as not stated otherwise, the texts on this website belong to the intellectual property of Susanne Wagner.
  3. Sämtliche Urheberrechte verbleiben bei der Autorin bzw. bei den jeweiligen Gastautoren. Vervielfältigung der Inhalte dieser Webseite ist ohne schriftliche Genehmigung der Urheber ausdrücklich verboten. The copyrights remain with the author(s). Copying, reprography and publication is subject to written authorisation of the copyright owner(s).
  4. Zur Übertragung möglicher Zweitverwertungsrechte setzen Sie sich bitte über susannewagnerva@gmail.com mit mir/uns in Verbindung. Please contact susannewagnerva@gmail.com for publication requests.
  5. Sollte ich meinerseits unabsichtlich fremdes Urheberrecht verletzt haben, bitte ich den/die Betreffende(n), sich mit mir in Verbindung zu setzen.I intend no copyright infringements. If such has happened unintentionally from my side, please be so kind to contact me.



3 thoughts on “Disclaimer/Affiliates/GDPR”

  1. Hallo Frau Wagner, das ist ne tolle Seite – sehr interessant und aufwendig gemacht… klasse!!
    Liebe Grüße Ihre “ehemalige Kollegin” Claudia Uebber

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