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E-Mail Etiquette – not only for Writers

I am actually old enough to remember the times when people used to express their concerns about e-mails supplanting the writing of letters, and the lost art of letter writing. Then, it seems, everybody started to chat and whats-up-and-what-not, so the idea of a carefully crafted e-mail might almost sound like a piece of nostalgia.… Continue reading E-Mail Etiquette – not only for Writers

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“Ummh… may I introduce…?” (E-Mail Etiquette)

Have you ever been in the situation to introduce two people to each other via e-mail? Yes? Well, the people over at Quartz suggest that we are... ..."probably doing e-mail introductions wrong" Or - as The Atlantic puts it on Facebook: You might not even be aware of it, "...but you're being a jerk." Are… Continue reading “Ummh… may I introduce…?” (E-Mail Etiquette)


A One-Book Shop… !

An old issue of one of my fave writing-related newsletters of  http://www.worldwidefreelance.com has directed me to a peculiar little article: Author opens one-book shop to sell his own work To me, it's a curious piece of information and - possibly - inspiration. I mean, one never knows where the next inspiring idea might come from,… Continue reading A One-Book Shop… !

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Das Einlagensicherungssystem in den USA

Zuerst einmal freue ich mich darüber, dass mich die Optimal Banking Akademie, die u.a. das Info-Portal Amerikakonto.com betreibt, vor Kurzem in ihr Redaktionsteam aufgenommen hat! In dem Zusammenhang kommt hier ein kleiner Teaser für meinen ersten dort veröffentlichten Artikel. Hier geht es darum, wie Kundengelder bei US-amerikanischen Banken für den Zweifelsfall abgesichert sind, und ob/inwieweit… Continue reading Das Einlagensicherungssystem in den USA

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How to get paid when you do Business internationally

Have you ever tried to send money from a German bank account to an American one? Let me tell you: It can be a pain in the a...  no... neck, no... wallet! As someone who has been hopping between two continents for several years, I have had that experience several times. I also experienced that… Continue reading How to get paid when you do Business internationally