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Schedule your (Blog) Content in Advance

I must not neglect my blog I must not neglect my blog I must not neglect my blog I must not neglect…


If you are anything like me, your blogging is filled with a certain amount of content (i.e. posts) and … uhm… good intentions. You KNOW that your blog/website/Facebook page is a major factor when it comes to attract potential customers. Not only because it is THE opportunity to showcase your skills, but the content with the right keywords helps people to find you via Google & Co. (SEO, anyone?)

And – as in my case – filling other people’s blogs/websites/Facebook pages with content might even constitute an integral part of your offered services. Because, as you keep telling your clients (potential or actual), this… *clearsthroat*… quality content is a major factor when it comes to attracting potential customers and is THE opportunity to showcase their skills, and… well, yeah.

Theory and Practice

So much for the theory. Quality content rocks. But publishing the occasional rock content on your blog … your company website … your social media profile etc. is only one part of the writing/blogging challenge. Every SEO consultant worth their salt will also tell you that posting such content should happen on a regular basis.

So. You are actually good at what you do! The irony is: Over the work for your clients you start neglecting your very own blog … website … Facebook page. And since you KNOW that your blog/website/Facebook page is a major factor when it comes to … uhm, sorry … I think we’ve all got that by now.

And that is when the good intentions kick back in.

I must not neglect my blog I must not

Surprise: Good intentions are often not enough. A good strategy helps, and some tools to help you/myself as well.

Download my Freebie

When it comes to strategy, I have developed my own little thingy regarding the management of my vast bookmark collection (Feel free to download it – it’s a freebie!). I use this not only to organize the links to all those texts I find interesting and want to read – I also use a slightly altered system for my content planning, where I collect the links I want to use in future blog posts. Beyond that, I have recently become quite the OneNote fan – I collect my ideas and drafts there, and so far, I’m loving it!

But there are also several options for rock content planning and pre-scheduled content PUBLISHING that allow you to produce several posts at once and schedule their actual posting, so that you can make sure that your blog or Facebook page gets regular updates, even while you are busily taking care of… well… for example other people’s blogs, websites or Facebook pages.

One of the better known tools for this is Hootsuite. But the good news is: Your blog (if it’s WordPress, like this one) and your Facebook page already provide a scheduling function:

Scheduling -

In WordPress, you simply draft your post – and once you are done, you don’t press the “publish”-button, but click on the area right next to it. That will open the calendar, you can then select date and time – and then you can select the “schedule” option.

Scheduling - Facebook page

With your Facebook page, it basically works along the same lines (see image).

And so: Happy content planning!!

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