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Linguistically Empowered!

Okay, granted: This post does contain affiliate links, but the subject as such is something I would have written about anyway because it is SO VERY relevant to me: English grammar, spelling, and all that jazz. Grammar? Spelling? So what's the problem? I am a professional writer [duh!], so language is my working tool. The… Continue reading Linguistically Empowered!

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A handy Guide to Punctuation Marks

Here is a simple example sentence by Noemi Tasarra-Twigg on Freelance Writing Gigs: I had a sleepless night thanks to Susan Cain’s “Quiet” Question: Where do you put the period? Inside or outside of the quotation marks? I thought I knew. Guess what: It seems I was wrong. Part of the answer seems to be:… Continue reading A handy Guide to Punctuation Marks