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(Writing) Contests and Participating Fees

Hmmm… so an organisation/company/private person establishes a writing contest. And offers prize money. YAY!

BUT… in order to participate, you need to pay a participation fee. This seems to have developed into a rather common practice nowadays.


…is this a legitimate way to finance the contest?
…or is this just another way of getting money out of aspiring authors?

“What say you?”

6 thoughts on “(Writing) Contests and Participating Fees”

    1. No, I haven’t… I’ve been tempted occasionally, but there are so many without fees… Granted, I haven’t participated in a contest for ages, especially not in English language ones, as I fear I am still much too inhibited in my non-native language. My blog is hopefully the means to overcome this… 🙂


      1. I’m trying to use my blog for the same purpose. By the way, the level of your English is amazing. I so impressed that someone would even *attempt* creative writing in a second language, and I’m enjoying your poems. Especially as I was born in Germany (Frankfurt; my father was in the U.S. Army) and I can only say about five words/phrases in German.

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  1. Na dann: DANKESCHÖN :)! I’ve been to Frankfurt a couple of times myself, mostly on business, so I don’t know too much of it yet. I myself am Northrine-Westfalian and live near Düsseldorf. I also want to say: Thanks for your frequent commenting – I enjoy actually getting into some kind of dialogue with readers… 🙂

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