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Writers: Do your Dialogues sound natural?

Writing a great dialogue is not that easy! I am not even sure if there is a method (as in a formula one could learn) of how to do this. Granted, there are quite a few writing-related skills and qualities (grammar, structure, plotting devices …) you can learn from books and courses. But I think, when it comes to writing dialogue, listening can be a powerful skill. How about this: When you have written your dialogue, read it aloud. I mean: not only in your head, you have to actually speak the words. Even if you usually write in (relative) silence, this is where you should use your voice. And your ears. Listen to the melody of the sentence and the flow of the words. Does it all flow naturally? Does it sound the way people actually talk? If you’re happy with it: Great! If not, try modifying it. And then, as they say: Rinse and repeat. 🙂

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