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30-Day-Coaching Program: Get Ready to Land Your First Freelance Writing Gig!

(*cue dramatic, rousing, optimistic, exciting musical jingle-thingy for the…*)

Special Deal – 10 spots available till December 22nd, 2018

New Coaching Program


New Freelance Writers

to start a freelance writing business in the

New Year

background black coffee bouquet chocolate

Hey! This program has not even officially been launched yet – but WHY NOT do a little warm-up before the official start? After all, THIS is the long weekend of SPECIAL DEALS!!

For those of you who want to launch a freelance writing business in 2019: You can write, but you don’t know how to start getting paid for it, too?

I’ve got you!

In other words:

Join my 1:1 online coaching program

8 Lessons
+ Additional Mentoring
in 30 Days

to get you ready for your first freelance writing gig – and beyond!

10 spots are available

for a special introductory price of


179 USD

(Oh, did I mention this is a special deal?)

Learn more about how to position yourself online, to find your right audience and niche, to find publishing opportunities, to gain exposure, develop you writing portfolio and:

How to get paid!!

Contact me for more info, and to secure YOUR SPOT 🙂

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