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7 Newsletters for Freelance Writers

One of the main questions my freelance writing coaching clients ask me is: “Where can I find writing jobs?” There are several answers to this, of course. But one of the simplest? “Subscribe to newsletters!” They can be a great source of job listings and information on writing contests, and often they also provide tutorials, how-tos, and further resources.

The trick, of course, is subscribing to the right newsletters.


Which are the right newsletters to find writing jobs?

Well, that’s where I come in! Why not start with the little selection below?

Be a Freelance Blogger (Sophie Lizard)
job listings: for bloggers
also: community forum, training and coaching incl. How to get started, blog articles
How to subscribe: Enter your e-mail address at


Freelance Writing Gigs
job listings: in the areas of writing, editing, publishing, blogging, copywriting
also: resources for writers
How to subscribe: Find the link on the sidebar


Morning Coffee eNewsletter (Brian Scott)
job listings: writing jobs
also: writing contests, articles, tutorials
How to subscribe:


(job) listings: writing contests
also: articles, tutorials, resources
How to subscribe: Enter your e-mail address into the box on the main page


The Muffin
job listings: writing
also: contests, articles
How to subscribe: Enter your e-mail address into the box on the main page


Writing for Dollars (Dan Case)
Job listings: writing/paying markets
also: articles
How to subscribe: Enter your e-mail address into the box on the main page


Writer’s Digest
No regular job listings, but articles, how-tos/tutorials, contests, etc.
How to subscribe: Enter your e-mail address 


An additional perk:

Some of the shown job listings, calls for submissions, etc. can be in-depth reviews of writing opportunities, while other newsletters concentrate on collecting information of current writing jobs on sites like Craigslist or particularly writing or freelance-related job sites. In those cases, they also normally link to the original source. Thus, instead of solely relying on the content of the newsletters you can collect links to new places you can start scouring regularly to find writing jobs.

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P.S.: Oh, it just so happens that I will be rolling out a newsletter of my own in 2020. Get a head-start and sign up here! 🙂

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