Writing and the Writer

Linguistically Empowered!

Okay, granted: This post does contain affiliate links, but the subject as such is something I would have written about anyway because it is SO VERY relevant to me: English grammar, spelling, and all that jazz.

Grammar? Spelling? So what’s the problem?

I am a professional writer [duh!], so language is my working tool. The thing is, I was raised in German, so writing in English (correctly, that is) still means a bit more work for my “little grey cells.” And often enough some additional research.

So, for the sake of

  • productivity
  • a less inhibited “Muse”
  • and therefore a better communication, output, professionalism, self-esteem, public image, fame, fortune…

I am now making things a lot easier on me by using Grammarly.

What is Grammarly?

There probably is a better technical explanation for it, but I see Grammarly as an electronic/online equivalent to your personal editor. It checks your written text re. spelling and grammatical accuracy, style, etc.

You can even install an extension for your browser, so it checks your social media posts, emails, and so on.

Yes, there is a FREE and a PREMIUM version, and if you use my affiliate links to sign up for a free account or decide to benefit from the enhanced features of the premium (paid-for) version, I will earn a small commission (at no additional costs to you).

Differences between FREE and PREMIUM

The free version points out the potential basic errors/issues in your writing, which is good!

The premium version does even more for you: It gives you a reason for the suggested corrections and tracks your progress. You can also use it to check your text for potential plagiarism issues, for example, to ensure that your writing can be considered unique content (SEO, anyone?). You also get suggestions regarding style issues like overlong, confusing sentences, and paragraphs.

Now, here’s the thing: It is a computer program that does these checks. It’s an automated process, and if you apply an automated process to such a complex, nuanced and continually evolving thing like a “living” language… let’s just say I can imagine some of my writer colleagues going: “Why would I need a PROGRAM to criticize my writing style?!” Or they might, for example, occasionally disagree with a suggestion, because they have a specific reason to write that particular sentence in a passive voice instead of an active one. As far as I am concerned, that’s fine. Actually, this has already happened to me several times! After all, as writers, we still need to do the thinking!

(By the way, for an additional fee, premium users also have the option to have their texts checked by human proofreaders.)

And now… well, I guess I better get back to my older blog posts and check them, too!! 🙂





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