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All within Reason (aka “The Ripoff-Artist”)

Imagine you are the chef and owner of a rather decent restaurant. One day, you read a post by somebody who is looking for a good meal, a special multi-course meal. This somebody, they have a rough idea about what they want to eat, they even have drafted a recipe but need a pro to… Continue reading All within Reason (aka “The Ripoff-Artist”)

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Antworten zum Thema “Selfpublishing”…

Ich bin zwar bisher noch nicht selbst unter die Selfpublisher gegangen - aber wer weiß? In der Zwischenzeit habe ich hier eine schöne Informationsquelle für alle an diesem Thema interessierten: Die "Selfpublisherbibel". Ich freue mich immer über neue Links zu interessanten Themen und werde diese hier unter den Tags "Tipps & Info" (deutschsprachig) und/oder "Howto"… Continue reading Antworten zum Thema “Selfpublishing”…

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About Authors and Internet-Stars…

Sigh. Zoella & Co. Quote: "By churning out ghostwritten stories and slapping a famous face on them, publishers are doing a disservice to the industry, authors and readers." interesting article by Kathryn Lindsay, and a topic that is probably not without controversy... I daresay it is written in xoJane's column "Unpopular Opinion" for a… Continue reading About Authors and Internet-Stars…

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Why Good Writing Begins and Ends in Poetry

What does the fabric consist of that makes a good writer? I daresay, one ingredient is the love of language. Having said that, I really like this article and the way the writer defines (and finds) poetry…

Romance Language

About 15 years ago, as I worked on the final stages of my dissertation, I often got stuck (as people working on dissertations tend to). Sometimes days would pass without my producing anything. But eventually, I would remember my foolproof method for getting unstuck: reading and writing poetry.

Let me note for clarification that poetry had nothing to do with my dissertation subject. I wrote a very social-sciency study of students in a freshman composition class. From a semester of observing, reading papers, and interviewing students, I crafted a set of case studies trying to explain why some of the students gained more than others. My final product reads way more like anthropology than it does like Nikki Giovanni.

Nevertheless, I turned to poetry while I wrote, as I have turned to it many times before and since. And wherever I see brilliance in writing, I find elements of the…

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(Writing) Contests and Participating Fees

Hmmm... so an organisation/company/private person establishes a writing contest. And offers prize money. YAY! BUT... in order to participate, you need to pay a participation fee. This seems to have developed into a rather common practice nowadays. Now... this a legitimate way to finance the contest? ...or is this just another way of getting money… Continue reading (Writing) Contests and Participating Fees

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The One-Sentence-a-Day-Strategy

I have a confession to make: I can sometimes be verrrrrrrrrrrry slow about my writing. Often... I mean, I find myself in total awe when reading about the supposedly typical working day of other writers, who can write for hours and hours and somehow manage to produce content that is thousands of words worth -… Continue reading The One-Sentence-a-Day-Strategy

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Connecting your (Marketing) Content with the right Audience

a.k.a. "Why No One’s Reading Your Marketing Content" by Jayson DeMers, published by So - you've written a great text (and maybe it is even SEO-optimized). But what else can you do to get more people to actually read it? How can you improve the distribution of your content? Well, you might get a… Continue reading Connecting your (Marketing) Content with the right Audience

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The “Storysaurus”

I found this a while ago on FB and can not seem to find the original FB-poster, or otherwise I'd at least tip my hat to them. Anyway, this is about a very easy idea/way to structure your story: Enter... the Storysaurus! According to blogger Jamie Harrington it is "a dinosaur with spikes on his… Continue reading The “Storysaurus”

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TED-ed Original: How to build a fictional world Kate Messner This is part of the reason why I am (still) on Facebook... not to post selfies, not to tell people that I am bored/sick/hungry/tired... but to find stuff like this in my news feed. *smiles* You can check out their website here.

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The BBC Writers Room…

...looks like something I need to check out... ...that is, after I manage to get a grip on my imnotanativeenglishspeakerinhibitions. For all you less inhibited or otherwise interested... well, see above! 🙂 ~~~ P.S.: Have any of you ever tried to branch out regarding writing in other than your native language(s)? If so, please,… Continue reading The BBC Writers Room…

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How to beat your competition…

I looooove what I have just found on Darren Rowse's Problogger website: How to Beat Your Competition Online by Trying this One Thing It is marked as a "guest contribution" - so kudos to whoever you may be! 🙂 Aaaaaaaaaaand: I think I should go now and see about some additional visual content...

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A Pro-Blogger and “9 Unsexy Truths about Making Money Online”

I am still half asleep, and it is already past noon. Ummm... no, that does not mean I live the life of the rich and famous and have been partying till dawn... it just means that todays's a national holiday here in Germany, and I've spent the better part of last night (or more likely… Continue reading A Pro-Blogger and “9 Unsexy Truths about Making Money Online”