TED-Ed: 11 Online Lessons To Check Out…

…if you want to dip your toes into the subjects of online learning and continuing education.

online learning

After all, one of the qualities of a good writer is to keep reading and learning… and apart form that, “getting informed and inspired” sounds much better than “procrastinating”… so here’s one possible place to go… 😉

Online Learning for Writers and other Freelancers

I have to admit, I am slightly obsessed with the idea of continuing education, learning-on-demand and online learning. This year, I even decided to go back to college again (online), and mainly out of personal interest.

Needless to say: You don’t have to take your committment that far if you want to educate yourself. As a writer, you are probably doing it anyway, right? Maybe you are looking up a particular grammar rule or the right way of spelling something. Or maybe you are supposed to write about a topic you are not yet familiar with. You need to do research in some form or another – and by doing so, you LEARN things.

Another thing that learning can lead to? As mentioned above: Inspiration! So, check out a few of these short and rather varied lessons – who knows what kind of inspiration you’ll find.

What’s TED, anyway?

Oh, and by the way: If you are not familiar with TED yet, or simply want to know (yes, learn!) more, you can find more info about them here.

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