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Making Money from Home (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of “How to make money from home“. I hope these posts might give a bit of information, inspiration and perhaps even instruction for those who need to start making money from home. If you haven’t done so yet, please have a look at Part 1 so you’ll have the context.

Dollar notes - making money from home
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The wide field of “Virtual Assistance”

I have already mentioned various “classic” assistance-related tasks that can be done in a virtual environment (i.e. via the computer instead of on-site). However, if you look at the job profiles of/services offered by many Virtual Assistants (VAs), you might find there is a GINORMOUS array of skills a VA can monetize:

  • Audio/video transcription: Transkription of audio dictations is something many classic assistants/secretaries are familiar with. Such transcriptions can result in letters, emails, legal documents, meetings minutes, etc. In addition, there is a lot of freelance work available in other niches like movie and video subtitles, transcription of podcasts, webinars, speeches and more.
  • Audio/video editing: Youtubers and podcasters and bloggers, oh my! So many of them like (or need) some assistance to get their products ready for publication!
  • Photo editing: If you know how to use Photoshop or other software along the same lines, this might be THE gig for you!
  • Writing and text editing: Since I am not only a writer but also a coach for aspiring writers, I feel like I have a lot to say about this. However, this is just an overview, so let me start with: You don’t have to write (and publish/sell) a novel to be a writer. In the context of this blog post, I am talking about writing as a service. Now, who could use such a service? Well, the INTERNET, OF COURSE!! All this content – and a huge amount of it is written content. Somebody needs to be writing all this stuff, right? And since we writers are not perfect, it’s always good to have people available to tweak our words a little, be it the grammar, style or structure part. (Speaking of which, Grammarly can be a big help here as well!) If you want to look a bit closer into the subject of freelance writing in general, there are many useful resources in the form of newsletters! You can find a list of seven of my favorite ones here.
  • Social media/online marketing: Again, this is SUCH a wide field! Let’s say when you write your online content (or have somebody writing it), you want that content to be found. So either you promote it by using social media, SEO etc., or you have somebody doing it for you. If you are internet-savvy, this might be a great subject to look into.


Please stay tuned!

Here’s a short overview of the content of Part 3 (and probably Part 4) of making money from home:

  • links and resources to help you find clients
  • tips on how to get started
  • more things you can do to earn some money

In the meantime: Do you have any questions or recommendations? Please, do share them with us in the comments! If you want to reach me in person, simply drop me a line! I look forward to hearing from you!


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